My Home

Since Solidworks is not a software Developed to Design Architectures. but I just tried Designing my home for its Renovation purpose.

The Old One

This was the appearance of my old home. And once our family we had an idea of renovating our home. hence I have tried my design in solidworks.

Architectural Design in Solidworks

The image represents the design of my home. this I have designed of over a couple of months. though it had frequent changes I have actually brought the shape of the home in a couple of months.

The Interior

Along with the house design, I have also designed how my Interiors should look like and upto my kind of style I had designed the interior too but I had some changes later. the Image represents the interior visuals.

This rendered view represents my room interior.

The night view

Personally, I'm very fond of the quote that “ The beauty of light dwells in the night”

And according the quote these were the lighting works on my home and it had come really well

Designed and Original


Thus we see that even Solidworks is not a software used to design such architectures but our creativity made the path through. Hence I say designing is a creative process and I have fallen on it.



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K. Suba Giridaran

K. Suba Giridaran

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